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Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, and fellow anti-immigrant politicians are weaponizing cruelty against immigrant families seeking safety. These governors are doubling down on a playbook we’ve seen before. But thousands of people across the country are standing up and choosing welcome. 

From donating food to connecting migrants with essential services, we – everyday people – are building a system based on dignity, justice, and community support. You can stand with these communities of care and take an unrelenting stance against cruelty by saying we #ChooseWelcome.

Take the pledge to join the growing movement of people standing up against politicians to send a powerful message: we’ll meet every bus with welcome, every time.

About #ChooseWelcome

DeSantis and Abbott’s reelections further embolden them and their allies to play their political games with immigrants’ lives and futures. DeSantis flew unknowing families to Martha’s Vineyard. And for months, Abbott has bused people seeking safety out of Texas and dropped them off in Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. We’ve seen this all before — politicians stoking fear to rile up their base. America has not forgotten the shame of family separation, when children were ripped from their parents and locked in cages. We know that when politicians use immigrant children and families as political props — real people get hurt.

Despite these cruel, divisive, and inhumane political stunts, we know that more people stand on the side of welcome and kindness. We are ready to fight back. From donating clothing and food to finding safe places to stay, from offering translation support to connecting people with medical care, everyday people are showing exactly what a welcome can look like for families fleeing danger and seeking a chance at a better life in the United States.

Our movement of people who #ChooseWelcome is growing, and anyone across the country can sign the #ChooseWelcome pledge. Take a minute to add your name to the list of people saying to politicians: there are more people who stand on the side of welcome and dignity than cruelty.

Together, we can build a welcoming support system that reflects our core values as a country – the kind we know we’re capable of. We are here to say that we’ll meet every bus, every plane with welcome, every time.

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A welcoming system centered on dignity looks just like what communities across the country are already providing:

A safe shelter

Warm meals

Clothing and essential supplies

Support to navigate schools, healthcare, jobs, and other services

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Public Demands

To build a welcoming system that reflects our country’s true values, we must realize:

Immediate access

to safe housing, medical attention, expedited work permits, and extended parole durations for asylum seekers.

Federal funding

for community-based reception efforts that provide long term, holistic support to those fleeing persecution, especially for cities receiving an influx of people seeking asylum.

Restored access

to asylum at the border so all who seek asylum can do so safely, legally and with dignity.

Across the country, we’re coming together to #ChooseWelcome.
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